Mission Statement

Malik’s Gifts mission is to bring people from all walks of life together.  Our goal is to provide support and build programs that serve at-risk children, military children and families, animal rescue missions, and family emergency assistance that makes a difference for families and the community.


Our vision is crystal clear – to build a better community for all of us by creating and continually supporting programs that promote positive growth and development in our neighborhoods.


An at-risk youth is a child less likely to transition successfully into adulthood. We work to mitigate the factors leading to at-risk children and to prevent those factors from adversely affecting a child’s successful transition into adulthood. Success includes academic, job, financial, and avoiding a life of crime.


Malik’s Gifts works with Helping Hands for Freedom to serve military children of the fallen, wounded and deployed, assisting the oft- forgotten wives, husbands, and children who stay behind. Programs include Life Enrichment, Life Needs, and Sports & Education Camps.


Malik’s Gifts support the animal rescue community and their commitment to take unwanted, abandoned, abused, or stray pets and attempt to find suitable homes for them. We also believe it is important to support our community to bring about an end to the killing of abandoned and orphaned dogs and cats.


Emergency financial assistance to families based on needs that arise from financial hardship, serious illness and/or other circumstances affecting quality of life for the entire family. Emergency aid includes daycare, tutors, music lessons, dance classes, car repair, and more…